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Git checkout Remote branch sudo git checkout origin/Dev –filepath

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Git – Different Platforms

Git – Different Platforms, GNU/Linux and Mac OS uses line-feed (LF), or new line as line ending character, while Windows uses line-feed and carriage-return (LFCR) combination to represent…Read More

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Git – Online Repositories

Git – Online Repositories, GitHub is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that uses the Git revision control system. It also has their standard GUI application av…Read More

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Git – Managing Branches

Git – Managing Branches, Branch operation allows creating another line of development. We can use this operation to fork off the development process into two different directions. For e…Read More

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Git – Handling Conflicts

Git – Handling Conflicts, Jerry is working on the wchar_support branch. He changes the name of the functions and after testing, he commits his changes.…Read More

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Git – Tag Operation

Git – Tag Operation, Tag operation allows giving meaningful names to a specific version in the repository. Suppose Tom and Jerry decide to tag their project code so that they can la…Read More

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Git – Patch Operation

Git – Patch Operation, Patch is a text file, whose contents are similar to Git diff, but along with code, it also has metadata about commits; e.g., commit ID, date, commit message, et…Read More

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Git – Rename Operation

Git – Rename Operation, Till now, both Tom and Jerry were using manual commands to compile their project. Now, Jerry decides to create Makefile for their project and also give a proper…Read More

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Git – Delete Operation

Git – Delete Operation, Tom updates his local repository and finds the compiled binary in the src directory. After viewing the commit message, he realizes that the compiled binary was …Read More

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Git – Fix Mistakes

Git – Fix Mistakes, To err is human. So every VCS provides a feature to fix mistakes until a certain point. Git provides a feature that we can use to undo the modifications that ha…Read More